Fabrics & Yarns Specialist

Milan - 9 Ottobre 2015 ID - C15-33

Suitex International is looking for the Fabrics & Yarns Specialist for one of the most famous International Fashion Brand.

He/She will be responsible for all technical aspects of Men’s and Women’s fabrics and yarns used for products.

He/She will be responsible for developing forward thinking and innovative ideas for fabrics and yarns used for products development.

He/She should have a thorough knowledge of the best fabrics and yarns used for manufacturers worldwide products.

Key Accountabilities: he/she will be involved in all the scouting activities in order to support for the new vendor research, work closely with the Product Engineers on the creation of new garments for the new collections, must guarantee the fabrics and yarns quality standards working together with Quality Department.
Provide a high level of technical experience on fabrics and yarns price determination prior to major purchase. Work closely whit both our US owner and Regional Factories in order to help them achieve world class production standards and consistent quality.
Work on special projects that help differentiate the Company from his competitors, with particular focus on Men’s and Women’s core mainline garments to ensure we have world class products and performance, must have a continue and current knowledge of competitors’ products and supplier base, must posses the capability to develop new fabrics working closely with our suppliers.

Skills/Requirements: the candidate must be a technical expert in fabrics industry.

He/She must have a minimum of 10 years background in the textile industry working in managing fabric in different and highly regarded manufacturing companies.
He/She must has a deep knowledge of both fabrics and yarns raw materials, deep knowledge of all the problems regarding fabrics and yarns, from a both chemical and physical point of view, deep knowledge of yarn construction for tricot and circular knitting machine.
Must have strong knowledge of modern fabrics and knitting production techniques and equipment. It is required to understanding the laws and regulations regarding the toxic and harmful substances used on fabrics, the candidate must oversee the quality of all fabrics used by the Compam, Must be flexible and capable of handling multiple tasks and capable of prioritizing workload in order to maintain the product delivery.

This position will require extensive travelling – candidate will be able to travel internationally (Asia, Europe and USA). It would be appreciate if the candidate would change the residence in US, must speak and write fluent English, strong computer skills – PLM, Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

Job Location in Milan.