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Production Director

France Grand Est - 20 Novembre 2023 ID - PL93

For a French Company with a unique experience in the field of coating we are searching the Production Director.

The Company has acquired a unique expertise in the field of coating which combines substrates and functionalization to achieve technical performances. They have developed a wide range of functionalities for the substrates: blackout, opacifier, printable, uv protection, waterproof, water-repellent, acoustic, fire-retardant, light diffusion, matt or glitter effect, personalised.

Application for different areas such as: protection, entertainment, decoration, sun protection, dimming, print media, visual communication, events and architecture.

The Production Director is responsible for the manufacturing unit, which supply finished products in compliance with quality standards and lead-times, as well as costs, safety, and environmental requirements. He ensures production according to the industrial policy defined by the management.

He orchestrates the plant’s operations, ensuring smooth production and the orderly provision of support services such as maintenance, analysis and logistics. He must also be attentive to the requirements of their internal and external customers.

Main duties

  • Ensures production according to the industrial policy defined by management
  • Plans production with workshop managers
  • Supervises services related to production
  • Launches new models
  • Reacts to unforeseen orders and technical hazards
  • Coordinates production requirements and maintenance needs
  • Ensures communication with other departments
  • Monitors daily production against forecasts and readjust them
  • Manage workshop managers
  • Manages production staff and ensure the necessary recruitment for flexibility or periods of overactivity
  • Informs, trains in technical developments, transmission of skills, quality, safety and environmental requirements
  • Defines training needs and organizes the schedule
  • Improving production processes and anticipating changes
  • Analyzes failures, malfunctions, proposes improvements
  • Researches and propose solutions to constantly improve productivity, responsiveness and quality of production: manage increasingly short series, improve workshop layouts, optimize flows and supervise tests
  • Improves production management and its information system
  • Plans the necessary investments in collaboration with the design office, methods and purchases; argue the case with decision makers
  • Ensures the establishment of a workshop

Required skills

Proficiency in chemical engineering and conducting reactions.
Managing people and equipment.

Education and experience

Significant experience as a Production Manager, experience in production needs to be related to chemical products / industrial process.  Experience in coating and/or textile is a must.


France Grand Est.