Retail Factory

Activity specialising in the training of Retail Managers, Store Managers, Area Managers, Merchandisers. The tangible results – and the goal of this project – are growth in the quality of collaborators and an increase in the performance of points of sale.

The very large majority of fashion companies traditionally sold products in the wholesale channel, meaning multi-brand stores. Over the past twenty years, nearly all brands have moved to the retail channel, that is to say, flagship stores, whether the brand has one or one hundred stores. What used to be the working class has transformed into the selling class, however, without the right training, only the resources naturally predisposed to the job have been successful. This situation is uncomfortable for brands: the creativity that went into making the product, their investment in prestigious locations and their positioning studies are all at risk due to the lack of preparation of the people who are the point of contact between the company and the market.

After listening to the requirements of hundreds of business directors, Suitex Fashion Retail Factory was founded, a TRAINING programme for resources working in RETAIL.

What we offer:

This programme is defined by specialisation, high quality trainers and unique, unrepeatable experience in the fashion industry.