Sales agent polyurethane foams

USA - 3 Febbraio 2016 ID - I16-01

One of the most important players in the production of polyurethane foams in Europe has charged Suitex International of seeking the sales agent in the U.S.A.

The Company has an estimated turnover of 110 million Euros, and the headquarter is located in the North of Italy closed toMilan.

We are talking about a quality, safety and environment certified Company as attested to the certificate of excellence. Since more than 40 years it has been established itself on the flexible polyurethane foam market.

In order to guarantee a complete customer satisfaction, the Company always aims at the highest quality through tireless innovation of technologies and products. This is why its products are unmatched for comfort.

The main channels: mattress, bedding and upholstery industries.

High technological foams that represent the evolution of the concept of comfort:

  • quick evaporation of moisture and heat promotion,
  • thermoregulation of the areas in contact with the body,
  • distribution of the bodyweight.


We are searching for a Sales Agent inU.S.A.who has to be able to develop the sales in the mattress industry.

The Company attends at ISPA Show in March in Orlando.