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Scandinavian Countries - 29 Marzo 2021 ID - AG24

One of the most innovative and established Italian Company producing FASHION WOMEN SHOES has charged us with searching the Sales Agency for Scandinavian countries.

The Company has been working in the footwear industry for three generations with great passion.

An important heritage of knowledges and skills where people believe on a new Renaissance.

The brand is known and internationally recognized.

All the collections are designed and made entirely in Italy. This allows to supervise the whole production chain in keeping with European quality standards and work regulations.

All shoes are produced in family-run workshops and are manually finished and quality controlled to assure the highest results.



  • Strong fashion identity;
  • Contemporary design for a dynamic, self-confident, self-aware girl;
  • Good quality and excellent value for money.
  • Retail Prices: Heeled Sandals-Wedge Sandals-Flat Sandals from 169 to 199 Euro; Sneakers from 189 to 229 Euro; Ankle Boots from 229 to 249 Euro.



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