Accessories Product Manager Paris – free lance

Paris - 27 Luglio 2016 ID - C16-08

Suitex International is searching for one of the most loved luxury brand the Accessories Product Manager based in Paris. The vacancy can be freelancer for 6 months.

Duties and Requirements: get briefed on the theme and direction of the collections, work within the directions of Design and the Creative team, assist in the research on color, fabrics, trends, etc… as maybe needed, recommend suitable designers, factories or suppliers that are capable of designing, or producing or supplying necessary materials, provide and perform the services described below, to ensure that the collections are developed and produced in accordance with the brand requirements and satisfaction in terms of quality, finishing, etc….

Collections Development: agree on collections plan with Creative/Design Team, coordinate and be clear on collections requirements (theme, colors, fabrics, collections structure, …) participate in the definition of the collections structure with the Creative team, manage timing for: presentation of sketches, orders of materials for samples and follow-up with Procurement Dept. and suppliers, launch sample production, launch final collections, coordinate delivery times with suppliers and manufacturers, including quality control and inspection, follow-up on modifications, launch samples, contribute on the validation of final selection of collections content, propose and evaluate factories of sample production, follow-up on work-in-progress of sample production, coordinate with the Creative and Commercial Team, to check merchandising of collections is complete (in terms of category of styles, materials, colours, etc…).

Pricing & Costing: budget calculations, prepare, together with Commercial team, target prices for categories, based on commercial indications,agree pricing with suppliers and factories as maybe needed and in coordination with the Procurement team.

Pre-Production: prepare technical sheets (product characteristics, consumptions, supplier references, etc…), assist in shooting of look-book in coordination with the Communications team as maybe needed,prepare collections brief.

Production: confirm product changes needed before production, ensure changes are implemented (with Designers and manufacturers), follow-up on production related matters, follow-on delivery schedules from factories, quality Control, coordinate with Commercial team to create delivery groupings.