Segui Suitex

Outewear Designer Product Developer
Milano, A16-03   25 maggio 2016

Suitex International was commissioned by a manufacturer company, leader in design and production of apparel and accessories for the best fashion brands in the world, to search the OUTERWEAR DESIGNER AND PRODUCT DEVELOPER who will plan and develope fashion focused products accordinghly with customers requirements.

Job description:

  • The candidate will be involved in planning, developing and presenting fashion products to the customers;
  • He/she will participate to the collection briefing;
  • the candidate will be required to understand the trends, ideas, concept and develop collectionsfrom design concept to prototypes;
  • He/She will be in charge to the production from initial drawing to final sample;
  • The candidate should have liaison with company factories.


  • The ideal candidate should have 5 years of experience as outerwear designer and product developer;
  • He/she should have an understanding of product know-how and fabrics.


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